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◇Publication Number: WO/2020/065902
◇Publication Date: 2 April, 2020
◇International Application No.: PCT/JP2018/036157
◇International Filling Date: 27 September, 2018
◇Applicants/Inventors:Mr. OHNO Mitsunari
The present invention provides a power generation device and a power generation system that use rotating bodies that are capable of always continuing stable rotation and that do not cause an accident that would adversely affect people or nature. Provided is a power generation device in which the rotation of rotating bodies 1 is transmitted to a shaft of a power generator and in which the rotating bodies 1 are used as the sources of power generation, the power generation device including a rotational driving device 6 in which the plurality of rotating bodies 1 are installed at predetermined intervals. The rotating bodies 1 are pivotably supported on a rotating shaft 6c laid across support bodies 6a and use the weight of a liquid. The rotating bodies 1 each include: a central rotating body 2b in which the rotating shaft 1 is inserted and that transmits the rotation thereof only in one direction to the rotating shaft 6c; a rotating frame 2 through which the rotating shaft 6c is inserted and that is fixed to the central rotating body 2b; two tanks 3, 3a that are respectively fixed to both ends of the rotating frame 2; two liquid transfer means that comprise a suction tube 4a that is connected to one tank, at the side thereof opposite the central rotating body, and a liquid supply tube 4b that is provided in series with the suction tube 4a via a motorized pump 4 requiring power and that is connected to the other tank, at the side thereof opposite the central rotating body; an air tube 4c that couples, for each of the tanks, the central rotating body side and the opposite side, via a single central air tube 4e; and a one-tank capacity of a liquid to be transferred between the two tanks. The liquid in one of the tanks that is located lower due to the weight of the liquid is suctioned using the pump 4 and is transferred to the other tank that is located higher. The rotating frame 2 repeats a rotating action when the higher tank to which the liquid has been transferred moves downward due to the weight of the liquid, and is inclined at a predetermined angle with respect to the rotating body 1 before the rotating action or when the rotation is stopped.