Advantages of a “Gravity Turbine”.
(1)It can prevent global warming, does not emit C2 or smoke.
  Does not produce CO2 or heat pollution.
(2)Does not require oil, gas, bio, coal.
  Prevent fossil fuel depletion.
(3)Installation place is free.
  Independent of towns, mountains, deserts, boats and coastlines.
(4)It is a simple structure, so it is hard to break and cheap.
(5)Generate electricity with natural energy.
  Generation by gravity.
(6)Small installation area, local production for local consumption is possible
(7)The possibilities are endless.

Current energy is oil, gas, bio and coal.
“Gravity Turbine”, that can replace these.

Power generation capacity.
 The amount of power(Yearly) generation is equivalent to 4 to 5 wind power generators with one gravity generator.
Stable supply with planned power generation.
  Fuel needed to operate a 1,000,000kw power plant for a year.
  (Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. 10/31/2017 reference)
  coal    =2,350,000t
  oil    =1,550,000t
  Natural gas=950,000t
  uranium  =21t
  Gravity power generation=0
    (No fossil fuel required)

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