My Stubborn Uncle: A Midlife Tale of Regrets- 平成の頑固叔父の反省物語

In order to put an end to global warming, we need to end the generation of power from fossil fuels, and make the change to gravity turbines. This is a story about my stubborn uncle, who developed such a device.

My Stubborn Uncle: A Midlife Tale of Regrets

No one knows all that much about my uncle. When he was younger, he loved to drink and argue, changed jobs a lot, and pretty much did whatever he wanted. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

But when Japan’s Heisei era (1989-2019) began, he started to think about the Earth’s energy and, putting other concerns aside, began to immerse himself in research about gravity. He speculated that there may be some way to generate power using gravity, and started making prototypes. He came up with seven or eight of them, but each time tore them apart again, as all were failures.

He poured every penny he made into this, and after a while, he had burned through all his savings, all in the name of research.

In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, he became even more devoted to his research. With reckless abandon, he quit his job, and focused himself squarely on the problem that was lying in front of him.

And then last year, he finally finished it. When he stepped back, what remained was a gigantic prototype, and a similarly gigantic mountain of debt.

About two months after the prototype was complete, something strange happened to my uncle’s voice, and he ended up in the hospital. A month after that, there was an abnormality with his eyes. Then, he was struck with a case of sudden deafness. And to top it all off, he then had to have surgery for a myocardial infarction. Right now, my uncle is taking medication like it’s his job.

A couple of years back, my aunt apparently kicked him out of the house. “I never thought that my biggest commitment in life would actually be to getting gravity turbines adopted,” he told me, smiling wryly.

I guess he got what he deserved. But at the same time, even though my uncle is now in his 70s, he’s spending every day fighting to stop global warming, his eyes still bright with optimism. I see that, and I actually think he’s pretty cool.

If we’re going to put a stop to global warming, the leader of every country in the world is going to have to come to grips with this problem, and take action.










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