Hello, I am Terumi Takesita of Suntel CO., LTD.

In the early 1980s, the topic on fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal running out in 100 years got around the world.  Shortly thereafter, we began thinking about somehow creating energy that does not rely on fossil fuels and started our research and development by focusing on the “gravitational power” that would sustain as long as the earth exists.

In 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred and witnessing the risk of nuclear power generation with our very eyes, we were urge by the sense of mission to complete this development which finally lead to the current shape of unit after three failure attempts.

This gravitational power generation (turbine) does not use any fossil fuels and does not generate CO2 or low frequency waves, so it can be installed in the town, in the mountains, in the desert, just anywhere. Gravitational power generation will enable local production for local consumption of electricity, and we believe that it will prevent global warming by quickly disseminating this system over Japan and to the world.

We sincerely seek everyone’s support and kindness in expanding this gravitational power generation.

June 2020

Terumi Takeshita
President of Suntel CO., LTD.